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TotalGamer™ Mouse Pad

TotalGamer™ Mouse Pad

TotalGamer™ Mouse Pad

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Are You Ready To Take Your PC Gaming Experience To The Next Level?

Upgrade your gaming setup like the pros with this extended RGB mouse pad. Our gaming mat is designed to provide the best gaming performance while lighting up your desk.


Custom LED Lighting: 10 RGB lighting modes. Enjoy sleek style, vibrant color, and easy personalization.

Anti-Slip Rubber Base: The rubber base’s pattern has been redesigned to provide a stronger grip, keeping the mat steady, no matter how aggressively you swipe.

Ultra-Smooth Surface: Laboratory-tested nano-textured surface ensures every mouse movement is translated into cursor movement.

Premium Quality & Waterproof: Our gaming mouse pad is made up of high-quality material so that it is odorless and easy to clean. The map is very high resolution and the product is waterproof! 

Plug & Play: Just connect to the USB port and push the button to cycle through all of the lighting modes. 



Color: Black
Material: Rubber
Thickness: 2.5mm
Size: 25 x 30CM / 30 x 70CM / 30 x 80CM / 40 x 90CM

This RBG mouse pad is the perfect addition to your gaming set up. Order the TotalGamer™ Mouse Pad Now!

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