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Plant Root Growing Box

Plant Root Growing Box

Plant Root Growing Box

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Take root quickly. Help plant branches to take root quickly and complete reproduction and replication.

This means more plants in a shorter amount of time.

The stems of green plants and the branches of trees can quickly grow into new plants by using our Rooting Growing Box.


  • S (Small): diameter: 5cm, applicable branches size: 3-9mm
  • M (Medium): diameter: 8cm, applicable branches size: 7-12mm
  • L (Large): diameter: 12cm,applicable branches size: 12-31mm

More plants can be obtained in a shorten time.

First ,cut off the outer skin of the healthy rattan, and then wrap it with a suitable size of root box filled with moist soil or moss. Over 1-6 months(according to different plant growth rates and the wanted Root volume), when seeing a lot of roots growing inside the box , you can then cut the rooted rattan and transplant it into a new pot.Then there will a new healthy plant growing brightly.

Reusable, better use of resources than plastic bags.

This box encourages faster initial rooting and creates offshoot that blooms 2 times faster. It can enhance plant resistance and prevent plant root rot.

The branch can extend from the observation port. Use black tape to seal when not in use. Prolonged ventilation will affect the rooting time.

The diameter of the water inlet is increased to facilitates watering.

The bottom can be adjusted reasonably according to the diameter of the branches.

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